Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance

Like any other business, a restaurant is prone to numerous risks, most of which are beyond the owner’s control. Restaurant insurance comes in handy to help you mitigate the potential risks. It helps you protect your business from accidents, natural disasters, and third-party claims from employees or customers, consequently cushioning your business from financial losses.





What is covered in restaurant insurance?
Some Insurance companies offer a wide range of covers to protect not only the business property but also third-party claims that may render your business out of service. These covers include:

  • Fires and perils –This insures the premises from accidental fires and damages resulting from a natural disaster such as lightning, floods, and earthquakes. In addition, some insurance policies go further to protect you from the impacts of malicious damage and riots.
  • Theft – This policy covers the premise and other property in the premise, such as machinery from damage or loss resulting from forceful entry.
  • Money – Covers the loss of money in direct transit or in the restaurant, including the damage of safes in the premises.
  • Public Liability – Covers all costs incurred from lawsuits against the restaurant owner for accidental injury or damage of a third party’s property.

Types of Restaurant Insurance

The types of insurance covers to consider include:
1. Commercial Property insurance
This policy covers costs related to the replacement or repair of physical assets that may be lost or damaged in the event of fires, accidents, or theft.
2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance
This type of insurance safeguards the interests of your employees. It covers the treatment and rehabilitation of the employees when they sustain injuries at work.
3. General Liability Insurance
This insurance policy covers the legal costs of lawsuits against the restaurant resulting from injuries or loss/damage of a third party’s property.
4. Cyber Liability Insurance
Protects the restaurant’s customers’ data from data breaches, especially as more customers opt to make digital transactions.
5. Crime Insurance
Protects the restaurant from different types of theft, such as forgery and burglary.

Why Go for a Restaurant Insurance?
A restaurant is one of the businesses whose risks are never-ending. For the success of your business, It is imperative to anticipate these risks to ensure that their impact does not take you back to the gutter. With restaurant insurance, you can be at peace knowing that your future is secured.