Commercial Auto Insurance

What Is It?

Commercial auto insurance is vehicle insurance that only covers vehicles that are business-owned and operated. It can not be used for personal vehicles or vehicles that are used for business purposes. The vehicle may only be used during work hours and only for business use. For example, if you have an employee that uses it for work errands, they will need to use a commercial auto insurance vehicle so that it may cover all incidents, no matter what state your vehicle was bought and registered in.





Commercial Auto Insurance can either be purchased from the company you work for or from an insurance company that is authorized to write policies for your company. These auto insurance policies are easy to get and cheap. It’s even easier to get this type of insurance than personal or non-commercial auto insurance because all an insurance company will ask is your zip code.

You may need commercial auto insurance if you have several cars or if you use your vehicle for personal purposes, such as traveling to and from the office. You also may need non-owned insurance if your employees use their vehicles for business, like commuting and errands. If your employees don’t have auto insurance, you may want to insure their vehicles to protect your company vehicle and employee’s wages.

Non-owned insurance is an option if you have several vehicles that your company uses for business purposes.

There are several ways you can save money on non-owned auto insurance. You can pay less by paying higher deductible amounts. The higher your deductible, the lower you will pay for your premiums, so you will save more on the amount of insurance you will need.

You can also save more by choosing insurance companies with a good reputation. Many consumers know their insurers by their driving record and claims experience. If you choose a company with a poor claims experience or a poor driving record, you will pay more for your premiums, so you will save less on the amount of insurance you will need.

If your vehicle is used for personal use only, you should consider only buying liability insurance, since the amount of coverage you need is low. By paying for only liability, you can save hundreds off your premium and still have enough coverage to cover your bodily injury and property damage.

The amount of insurance you need should be determined by the amount of protection you want to be protected.

A time-consuming step is finding the amount of comprehensive and collision coverage your company needs. Comprehensive is not as expensive as collision, but the amount of coverage needed is more. The reason is collision can be required in certain situations and comprehensive cannot be required.

Finding the right coverage amount for your company will be easier by using an auto insurance calculator. The coverage calculator allows you to estimate how much insurance you need and your auto insurance broker will do the rest of the work for you.