Core Values

Integrity, Professionalism, and Service Excellence: Branch Insurance Group's Core Values

Diversity in staff

We value, seek out, cultivate and empower a staff that is diverse in race, ethnicity, age, gender, orientation, ability, socioeconomic background, style, personality and political viewpoints.

Diversity in thought

We recognize that people bring their entire selves to work and leverage the ways in which our staffs’ cultures, backgrounds, experiences and personalities make them think differently.

Diversity in opinions

We cultivate relationships with multiple providers so that our customers always have options in price, program design and placement.

Diversity in solutions

We nurture creativity and innovation by approaching problems from different angles, with a variety of tools, and a robust menu of strategies.

Diversity in relationships

We foster a people first culture and invest in relationships within and outside of our organization.

Diversity in experience

We bring a varied skillset to each problem gained through experience across many industries and timespans.

Diversity in community outreach

We give back to and serve our community through participation in community programs, non-partisan political activism as well as non-profit volunteerism and financial support.

Diversity in corporate social responsibility

We care for our planet and strive to be upstanding corporate citizens by reducing our carbon footprint, re-using supplies whenever possible, and recycling waste consistently.

Diversity in technology and innovation

We dedicate resources that embrace technology and enhance the customer experience, streamline workflows and increase productivity.

Diversity in customers

We provide inclusive and equitable services to our diverse community.

Diversity in products

We offer traditional and non-traditional products that ensure our clients’ risks are covered and needs are met.

Diversity in associations

We advance relationships within the insurance and local communities to create mutually beneficial partnerships.