Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Protects More Than Bikes

Motorcycle insurance provides financial security in case there is theft, damage, or a collision. It also covers medical financial responsibility if you are injured or any of the other parties involved require medical attention. This insurance will cover emergency expenses that result from bodily injury and property damage. It is a necessity for those who own motorcycles, mopeds, dirt bikes, scooters, or if you are working on obtaining a learner’s permit. Mopeds and scoots who cannot go past 35 miles an hour may not be required to get insurance, but it varies by state law. Owners of mopeds and scooters should speak with an insurance agent to discuss legal requirements in their state to determine the right type of coverage.





Here are a few types of motorcycle insurance coverage options:

Property Damage Liability Coverage

If the insured is found at fault, this coverage will pay for damages that have been caused. This could include damage to their vehicle, storefront, residence, and other structures.

Medical Payments

This provides guaranteed coverage if the insured must ride in an ambulance, have treatments such as x-rays, or provide financial responsibility to others who were injured during the accident.

Personal Injury protection

If you are hurt in an accident, this coverage can provide financial relief for medical bills, missed work, treatment, lost income, and funeral expenses.

Underinsured/uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage

If you are involved in an accident with someone who cannot pay damages, this coverage will help protect you by paying for medical bills.

Lease/Loan Gap Coverage

If your bike is stolen or totaled after an accident, lease/loan gap coverage will pay the remaining balance of what is owed on your lease or loan.

Towing and Labor

If you get into an accident or if your motorcycle breaks down, this coverage will pay for towing and labor to get the bike running properly.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage will protect you from financial responsibility if there is an occurrence such as a natural disaster, theft, damage. It does cover collision, but insurance companies will usually cover the cost of the bike based on its monetary value.

There are many benefits of having motorcycle insurance. Law-abiding citizens understand the legal ramifications of not having insurance. Additionally, it provides financial protection for you and other motorists in case there is an accident that results in injury or damage to the vehicle. Motorcycle insurance can also provide a sense of security to concerned family members or friends especially in the unfortunate events where their loved ones suffer from bodily injury.