Kind Benefits

What is it?

Kind Benefits is our comprehensive program that allows employers of any size to offer an amazing medical and benefits program for about $1/hr.  Kind Benefits is not a particular insurance product but a time-tested, ACA-compliant program that allows us to steward the contributions of the company and employees simultaneously.





Who is Kind Benefits for?

Kind Benefits is perfect for any employer that wants to provide medical coverage for all employees tailored to their needs and challenges for about $160 per month (full-time employee). Perfect fit for “leaf touching” cannabis companies with large hourly workforces with 50+ employees. Creating programs for employers with under 50 employees is also available.

What are the major benefits of Kind Benefits for Employers:

Don’t let 280E exclusions keep you from offering the kind of benefit program that will allow you to recruit and retain top talent. With Kind Benefits in place, we maximize the money you are spending on benefits for a high-quality program that employees won’t want to give up.

What are the major benefits of Kind Benefits for Employees:

With Kind Benefits, employees will have both a 24/7 healthcare provider and personal services concierge to help them navigate a complex healthcare system. Employees are enrolled in plans they can afford to participate in and, most importantly, use.

How is Kind Benefits different from what I already offer?

Most cannabis employers offer either a “one size” program fitting no one or a MEC/MVP program designed to minimally satisfy the ACA “Pay or Play” requirements.  

Kind Benefits offers transparent broker compensation that is performance-based, so the broker and client are financially aligned.

Kind Benefits offers a turn-key benefit program, online administration, and compliance administration for under $1/hr. If you want to learn how to offer best-in-class benefits and offload the hassles of administration and the business risk of compliance, please tell us a little about your company below.