Jasmine Traylor-Bell

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 221

Email: jtraylorbell@branchinsgroup.com

Monroe, Louisiana, is the city I call home; commonly known by few, but beloved by most locals! Spending my youthful years in Monroe taught me to appreciate close-knit communities and value relationships.

I like to believe I didn’t choose insurance; it chose me. On career day in 2nd grade, I didn’t come dressed as an insurance agent, but as life ran its course, I found myself drawn to law and policy, specific to insurance. Evolution is inevitable, and the world of insurance is a perfect example of this, which is why I love this industry.

Amongst many other things, I am very passionate about self-care. After a grueling week of parenting and working, getting a facial or spa day is right where I want to be. Most- actually, no one- knows about my amazing singing abilities… because they don’t exist! I definitely wasn’t born to be a professional singer, but trips in the car or shower time wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t vocalize some tunes!

Staying in and relaxing is so overrated. If the sun is shining and the weekend is upon me, that means scenic drives, frozen yogurt runs, and playground fun is on the horizon.