Debra Diset

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 226


I grew up in Delaware and went to college at the University of Delaware and then Princeton University for graduate school. I really miss East Coast bagels… but I do not miss those East Coast winters.

I started in insurance as a summer intern at Princeton Insurance Company. I worked my way up to Senior Underwriter before a Job transfer brought me west to the wholesale side of the business. What excites me most about my work is that I love being able to connect with small business owners and helping them protect their investments and grow. It makes my day when I can help someone solve a problem.

Music has always been a passion. I earned money in college taking photos of live bands. Here in Las Vegas, there are so many opportunities to see great performers! In fact, exploring the unique places of Las Vegas and Nevada has become our new weekend pastime. There are some amazing places just down the road!

In my free time, I am also a photographer. These days, my photos are mostly of my dog and family, but not so long ago, my husband was a professional wedding photographer. We would sometimes shoot three weddings a weekend!

One passion project of mine is helping out at Henderson Animal Shelter. Before we moved to Nevada, we volunteered with the Autism Society of Orange County and the Autism Kids Foundation.